Really Fun Destination for Faggot Sissies to Meet in the Old Growth — A Faerie Tradition Since 1982

As in years past and in years to come, Faeries will gather. And when we gather, we bring our individual uniqueness, to blend into tribe our distinct abilities to, play, dance, sing, throb, pulse, vibrate, twirl, leap, express, and emote–to explore what is inside of each of us.

Harry Hay once said, “to pull off my (our) ugly frog skin of heterosexual conformity.” This gathering is all about looking inward, creating sacred heart space, seeing the faerie in ourselves and witnessing the magic we bring to each other and the group. Here, in the safe and warm embrace called community, we witness love. We hold, care for, and enjoy each other.

The solar eclipse will happen the day after the gathering this year, preceded by a meteor shower during the gathering (bring your umbrella).  These are powerful events and will, undoubtedly, make this gathering a powerful experience in our lives as well. To our distant ancestors, it was a thing of terror. Today, we look at a solar eclipse as part of the natural order, a time of reflection and reconciliation, an occasion for honor and respect.

This Summer, from August 16th – 20th, we return to Breitenbush Hot Springs to continue the tradition of creating sacred space, a tradition that is long-standing and steeped in meaning. With this call, we set the intention, we begin to direct our energy toward a safe and blessed gathering. A ritual witnessed on paper and through pixels leading toward the rituals of registration and confirmation, all the way to “Welcome Home.”

“Give yourself permission to enjoy being gay.  You do have to give yourself permission. You have been told you may not.  Give yourself permission to be free”.   Harry Hay

Cosmic Faeries

Our founder, the late Harry Hay, aka “The Duchess” said once… or twice, that “We bring love for ourselves and each other…” This is the purpose of gathering. Faeries have been gathering for decades in places all over the Mother Earth. We are connected in special and intimate ways to this tiny blue sphere floating in the cosmos. We celebrate that connection when we merge as a single entity upon the ancient and sacred ground we now call Breitenbush Hot Springs.

We are star stuff …” Delenn, Babylon 5

At night, be sure to look up and see that from which we are formed and connects us all. We are of the same creation as the universe. In their travels, the light of the sun is occasionally dominated in the shadow of the moon, only to shine again when the moon passes. As gay men, we start out lives as beings of light. When we begin to realize we are different, inside, we sometimes become eclipsed by the world around us, forced to live in it’s shadow. It is only when we learn to celebrate our difference as a gift of the gods can we re-emerge and live in the light.

This August, Men will venture to the Cascade Mountains, to an ancient place of healing and relaxation. We return, bringing time-honored rituals, participate in our current ones, and maybe even create new ones for the future. We invite Radical Faerie men to come with open hearts and participate in one of the most definitive rituals of our tribe. Whether you are being called to this gathering for the first time or whether you consider yourself a Faerie Elder, whether you attend every circle or none, whether you come to interconnect or explore your own inner complexities, no matter your reasons, you are invited to be a part of this cosmic energy.


Faerie elders and the CRFR Board gathered with the elders of the Breitenbush community to discuss and enhance our mutual understandings and agreements with regard to how we conduct ourselves during our time on the land, in order to be the best guests we can. In the spirit of renewal of our mutual respect and desire to continue the relationship between the faeries and the Breitenbush community, the following agreements were affirmed through careful listening and thoughtful dialogue.  We respectfully request all faeries who gather with us at this sacred place, honor ourselves and our Breitenbush hosts by consenting to these agreements.

  • Please do not bring alcohol or illegal drugs to the gathering. The Breitenbush community is very firm on this agreement and our future gatherings could be at risk if we transgress.
  • We all know sex can be fabulously spontaneous and sometimes just happens.  However, we agree to keep our intimate and raunchy moments either in our cabins or the love lounge.  We agree not to have sex in any area where Breitenbush staff can observe in the course of their work shift.  Keep it private, faeries.  Sensuality is fabulous anywhere.  However, juicy, squirt, messy (yum!) sex is reserved for the areas mentioned above.  If you have questions or comments about these agreements, please contact the QRs at or call at 503-381-2639.
  • Please leave your Shower Shot or other douche apparatus at home as we are not allowed to connect them to the plumbing. Bags and bulbs are fine when used in the prescribed manner. It is important to our relationship with the Breitenbush Community. Therefore, please clean up after yourself.
  • We agree to keep our butts AND genitals covered at all times when in the dining room,  or sitting on any furniture.  (this includes chairs, sofa and cushions.) Please if you would like to experience the wonder of being naked during the gathering please carry a towel with you to sit on and respect our hosts..
  • As in years past, the Smoking Temple/Java Hut will be provided. It’s the only area where those who imbibe tobacco and/or other Smokey sacraments are allowed to do so. It is also where hot water is available in the mornings for your coffee makings. Because of fire danger, any open flame, such as the propane stove, is to be attended at all times.
  • The parking lot is a place where the general public can appear at any time and is not a place where nudity is allowed.  Besides, naked faeries make delivery truck drivers, the occasional Marion County Deputy Sheriff and U.S. Forest Rangers very uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want the UPS truck to turn red, would you?

SO, We, the QR, the CRFR Board and Breitenbush management team, humbly ask you, our systres (Simon’s spelling) and brothers to keep these agreements and not to be put a situation where we feel it becomes necessary to ask someone to leave the gathering for transgression of these agreements.

This event is intended and designed for all Faeries who self-identify as male-loving men.

Registration is by mail.  Post date on your mail will determine you place on the list. Artistic accessorizing of your registration form will earn you brownie points.

Important! Registrations are not complete until payment (whether subsidized or not), registration form, and photo (optional, but requested) for the directory are received.


Registration, Fees & Ephemera


The registration fee is $395 in US funds (Pay Pal $407).  A deposit of $95 is required at registration (Pay Pal $99). The remainder of the fee must be received by Monday July 24, 2017. If your fee is not totally received by then, your space will be given to the first person on the waiting list.  If you have the funds available, please consider paying the full $395 now (Pay Pal $407), as it makes life easier for the Queen Registrar.   (And you want to keep the Queen happy, right?)  Pay Pal require that you submit your payment to and is calculated at 2.9%, plus $.30, then rounded up to the next dollar.

The Breitenbush facility is at capacity with full registration. If you show up and you have not registered, you will be turned away – no exceptions.  We accept registrations with personal check or money order:  Check drawn on US financial institutions, should be made payable to CRFR.  Money orders in US funds, make payable to CRFR.

Send your payment, along with your completed registration form, to:

BBS 2017
c/o Passionflower
1721 NE Junior St
Portland, Oregon 97211-4859
Telephone – 503-381-2639

The deadline for registration is July 24, 2017. This date is final.  Registrations are processed in the order they are received.

In the event the registrations exceed the number of available spaces, we will keep a first-come-first-served basis for the wait list.

Once a registration has been received, accepted, and paid, a letter of confirmation with additional details needed to prepare for the Gathering will be emailed to registrants.  Please be patient on receiving your confirmation, they will be sent out as soon as possible.

Cancellations received prior to July 24 , 2017 will be fully refunded, minus a $20 handling fee. After July 24, 2017 registration fees will be forfeited for any cancellations received, with the exception of those made due to a medical condition.  Upon cancellation, the first person on the waiting list will be offered the spot; and so on, until it is accepted. Registrants may not gift their forfeited spot to someone else.

We ask that you pay the most that you can afford, the minimum being $95(Pay Pal $99).  Please request a subsidy only if you need it, and request only as much as you need. This is a limited resource, which only exists as a result of the generosity of our brothers.  We encourage those who have the means to do so to sponsor someone who might be unable to attend for lack of funds. If you are able to donate to our fund, your faerie wings will grow several inches, guaranteed!

Note:  However, note that at this time CRFR’s non-profit Status with the IRS is suspended, and donations are therefore NOT tax deductible.  We have retained legal counsel, and will advise when donations are again tax-deductible.

Will be explained in your confirmation letter.

If there are certain people with whom you want to share a cabin, indicate it on the form – but, remember, the unexpected can also be delightful! If, for whatever reason, you find your assignment isn’t working for you, you should feel free to trade with others.  Work it out, girls!  (A-Row and B-Row are reserved for faeries who need a bathroom, if you wish to share a cabin and no one required a bathroom you will not be able to share these cabins.

Breitenbush provides a bottom sheet on each bed. Please bring your own bedding if possible.  If not. you may request to rent full bedding and towels from Breitenbush limited supply. Please indicate this on your registration form and pay an extra $18 (Pay Pal $19 — Total registration and single bedding $426 on Pay Pal) per person or $24 (Pay Pal $25 — Total registration and double bedding $432 on Pay Pal) for two Faeries sharing a double bed.  Note if two of you are sharing a double bedding only one of you need to pay for this.

Contact the Queen(s) Registrar at or phone 503-381-2639.

Will be in the confirmation letter…..stay tuned!


In the meantime, think about donating to the Faerie Fee Fund:

Give Some/Get Some. In the powerful Radical Faerie tradition, we do our best to follow the NPRFTAFLOF (No Properly Registered Faerie Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) philosophy. Through Faerie magick and a good balance between those who request reasonably and those who provide generously, most requests for FFF can be met. FFF recipients are asked to make as much of a financial contribution toward their registration fees as they can. Don’t let that keep you away though. All requests are kept confidential.

All Faeries who can afford to contribute toward FFF are earnestly requested to do so. Contributions of all sizes ($5, $25, $100 and more) facilitate NPRFTAFLOF policy. Contributing when we can and asking for help when we need it helps bring our community together. Please remember that the “Contribute to FFF” launches a separate invoice from your registration and bedding invoice.