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Faerie Fee Funds

Faerie Fee Funds exist to help find balance in the faerie world of money.

Give Some/Get Some

In the powerful radical faerie tradition, we do our best to follow the NPRFTAFLOF* philosophy. Through faerie magick and a good balance between those who request reasonably and those who provide generously, most requests for FFF can be met. (Be aware that we can’t guarantee this, because if the funds aren’t there, they just aren’t.)  FFF recipients are asked to make as much of a financial contribution toward their registration fees as they can. Don’t let that keep you away though.

All faeries who can afford to contribute toward FFF are earnestly requested to do so. Contributions of all sizes ($5, $25, $100 and more) facilitate NPRFTAFLOF policy. Contributing when we can and asking for help when we need it helps bring our community together. Look for the opportunity to give during your registration process.
The Faerie Fee Fund is designed to eliminate hierarchy and conceal differences between faeries out in the government world. All requests are kept confidential, as are donations. We strive to come together as equals across a range of ages and social backgrounds.
*NPRFTAFLOF is a variation on NOTAFLOF, a long-standing faerie tradition.