Really Fun Destination for Faggot Sissies to Meet in the Old Growth — A Faerie Tradition Since 1982

Information about Radical Faerie Gatherings at Breitenbush

The Upcoming Gathering

The Winter 2018 Cascadia Radical Faerie Gathering at Breitenbush Hot Springs will be held between Thursday, February 15 and Monday, February 19, 2018. We’ll arrive after 3 or 4PM on Thursday, and leave after lunch and closing ceremony on Monday around 1PM.  Stay tuned for more details.

This event is intended and designed for all faeries who self-identify as male-loving men.


A gathering of radical faeries is a place to come together away from the distractions and demands of the government world. We set aside the time to indulge, explore, relax, challenge, and be passionate. Or not.

Heart Circle

Heart circle is one of the radical faeries’ most significant rituals. To many it is a core element of being a radical faerie, and is, literally, the “heart” of a gathering. It is a space to witness and be witnessed. Heart circle becomes a deeper sacred space within the sacred space of the gathering. Heart circles happen in cities everywhere.

“How did he know exactly what I was feeling?”

In the same way that every gathering is different, heart circle is different every time because its intention is to be a space for individuals to share directly from their heart. Speaking honestly from the heart can be both a catharsis and a challenge. It can be very empowering. It can be extremely frightening. Not only for the speaker, but those bearing witness as well. As a witness, one may have felt alone in his feelings until he experienced that truth through someone else’s words.  We are all together on this journey, and heart circle is profound space for remembering we’re not alone. And while every share may not tug at your heartstrings, being witness or being witnessed can mean the world.
Participation in heart circle is not a requirement. Participation in heart circle at this gathering is an invitation:

  • to be present;
  • to share in the experiences of your brothers;
  • to explore an authentic way of communicating;
  • to be vulnerable;
  • to be courageous;
  • to open yourself to the possibilities of growth and radical acceptance;
  • to challenge your comfort zone;
  • to connect with your radical faerie brothers on a level that goes beyond the physical.
“It takes courage and discipline to set aside an hour or two or more to be devotedly real.”- -Mountaine, a faerie brother

Keep it private.


Alway ask to take pictures. If allowed, always ask to share. Some would say that keeping everything private enhances the strength and quality of the gathering or experience. Don’t get someone pissed at you. We are here to learn to communicate even better.


It’s true that there is little privacy left. For those trying to guard what little privacy they have remaining, it’s doubly important to not post stuff without permission.

Emotional Safety

Gatherings are apart from the bigger world so we can feel free to express ourselves in ways we might not otherwise. When we put our hair up, we want to play knowing that we are sharing only with the people there. When we pour our hearts out, ditto.

As much a we can take care of each other, we must also take care of ourselves by setting boundaries, being clear with communication, and knowing that we can change our minds, out loud, at any time.

Yes mean Yes

No means No

Oh, and “Trust me, but don’t tempt me.” 

Gently hide stuff. Don’t leave your wallet out. Hey, don’t bring your wallet. Or, hide it in a purse. Purses are safe. Most of us drag around a satchel of some kind with a water bottle, sunglasses for summer or gloves for winter, knickknacks, maybe a toothbrush and toothpaste. You know: stuff.

A safe purse

A safe purse

Purse that looks like an armadillo

Get away. My armadillo will bite you.


I have rope. Watch out

Leather handbag that looks like textured testicles

I’ll beat you with my balls.

Radical Faerie Gathering History

Although faeries, even radical faeries, existed before the first gathering, it wasn’t until we gathered in bigger numbers that we came to understand who we were.

Historical Tidbit: the first radical faerie gathering – announced by a flyer titled “A Call to Gay Brothers: a Spiritual Conference for Radical Faeries” – happened over Labor Day weekend in 1979, at the Sri Ram Desert Ashram near Benson, Arizona. An excerpt from the local Sheriff’s report can be read here. Faerie gatherings began happening at Breitenbush about two and a half years later (here’s a photo from 1984). Some elders in our community have been around the radical faerie scene since before its birth.

Breitenbush Gathering History

We go back to 1984 or so. Since then, twice a year (well twice a year since 1992), the Cascadia Radical Faeries have gathered at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Central Oregon. There’s been joy and outrage, hot tubs and dry humor, respect and horror, laughs and love.