Really Fun Destination for Faggot Sissies to Meet in the Old Growth — A Faerie Tradition Since 1982

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Retreat and Conference Center

Intro To Breitenbush

Breitenbush Hot Springs has been host to the Cascadia Radical Faeries since 1982. The geothermal heat from Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson creates the natural hot springs, and abundant water from the Breitenbush River provides hydroelectric power for the facility. Jefferson is an active volcano. No wonder faeries love it.

The land includes old growth forest, which means those trees have never been logged, and nearby trails provide hiking into greater stretches of temperate, primeval forest that has never been raped.

We have a good deal of privacy at Breitenbush which has been decreasing in recent years. Since the beginning, radical faeries have taken over the whole facility so no other paying guests on the land could witness faeries doing “whatever it is that they do.” The erotic, sexual, and carnal expression created magic and a freedom that allowed for exploration, healing, hedonism, and empowerment.  This unfettered expression has been curtailed in recent years by the other people on the land, namely the staff and service people who visit the retreat center during the gathering.

Mt. Jefferson, an active volcano in central Oregon, stands out in the landscape. Breitenbush sits along a river, and, therefore has no view of Jefferson.

Because the location is so remote and the land has so much to offer, Breitenbush staff, rather than commute, live, sometimes with their families, in community across the river. Therefore, the whole retreat and conference center is their work environment. And, as work environments have become “trigger sensitive” and subject to complaints and lawsuits, Breitenbush has had no choice but to curtail the very nature of radical faeries. Instead of having a world away from the world (as we might enjoy at a radical faerie sanctuary), freedoms we used to enjoy at Breitenbush have been disallowed and revoked. One might say that our freedom of expression has been tamped down by influences of the same outside world we are retreating from.

As noted, the forest, river, hot springs, sustainability, and remoteness have appeal. The sex-positive and body-positive expressions faeries used to enjoy have lingering presence. Please see the Agreements section of this page. These limit place of nudity and explicitly define places that faeries can be explicit with each other.

What to Expect at Breitenbush

The gathering is what we make it. There’s no one in charge, and we are all in charge. The Queen(s) Registrar do the pre-gathering work. Once we are checked in, the QR is as done as can be.

So, what will you bring? Sure, you’ll maybe (hopefully?) have some drag. Will you perform? Offer a workshop? Lead a heart circle? Teach a craft? Lead a hike? Make yoga happen? What do you bring to the gathering that you can share with others?

Breitenbush will be doing the cooking and dishes, so that leaves lots of time for blow job workshops, glitter attachment technique training, solemn discussions about terribly important things, and naked runs.

You’ll be in a cabin, most likely. In the summer, you may be in a tent cabin or in a camp site, but only if you have requested that option. Free-form camping is not allowed.

You’ll have a little nest somewhere, since you will have brought your own bedding, all that you will need to sleep comfortably in the mountains.  Or else you will have requested and paid for bedding from our hosts.

Breitenbush serves three vegetarian meals a day with options for egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free if you signed up for them in advance. They are pretty good at noting the presence of nuts, and have a binder with ingredients for the current meal near the front of the dining room. [If you find you forgot to sign up or have completely changed your diet since registering, talk to Breitenbush staff to see if they can shift the numbers for you.]

We agree to keep our butts AND genitals covered at all times when in the dining room. We make our best efforts to keep each other healthy by washing our hands often.

Shower/rinse before entering the tubs or pools. We don’t want to soak in the residue of your last encounter, plus it can be hard to clean up.

Faeries can use both side of the bathhouse, regardless of the gender indicated. The same is true for the toilets.

In summer we can enjoy hot outdoor showers near the bathhouse and unbelievably cold showers behind the steam house.

Blonde woman with shaving cream on her face holding a razor

I swear my hair is biodegradable.

All the products you use to primp and groom go back into the land, so keep it biodegradable guys.

Walking between the cabins and the Lodge doesn’t involve much elevation change. Expect stick and roots and rocks, though the paths are kept fairly clear. Expect snow in winter, but don’t count on it.
The path to the Spiral Tubs is somewhat steep, and the paths out to the Meadow Pools are a little more challenging than the main paths.
Please do not bring alcohol or illegal drugs to the gathering. The Breitenbush community is very firm on this agreement, and our future gatherings could be at risk if we transgress. You may not care, but 1,000 other faeries do.
While heat is plentiful, electricity is not. Do not use anything with a heating element. No curling irons, coffee makers, branding irons, or arc welders.
Turn off the lights when the cabin is vacant. Use LED lights to decorate.
The Spiral Tubs are near the river, more formal, and at different temperatures, including a cold plunge. The three meadow pools are beyond the lodge. Each is successively warmer. Each has a place to hang your towel and clothes.

What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

Bring This and That

Bring items for your comfort, play, and needs. It can get cold in the mountains, even in summer.

Leave Behind This and That

(content coming soon)

Getting To Breitenbush


Most people fly into Portland (PDX), spend a night or five, then catch a pre-arranged ride to Breitenbush.

Ride Share

The gathering should have a ride coordinator or some system for connecting those offering rides with those who need rides.

Most gatherings have people driving from Vancouver, BC, Seattle, the Bay Area, and various location around Oregon (but mostly Portland and Eugene).


It is possible to bike from Portland if you have someone transport all your stuff to and from Breitenbush. The route is full of peril from automobiles.

More details to follow.

Breitenbush Directions

Breitenbush Area Maps

Combined map showing the context of Breitenbush in the state and in the area.
Overview and context map of the location of Breitenbush
Illustrated map of Breitenbush grounds showing buildings and other key places
Layout of Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center

Use for general context only

Breitenbush reports that no mapping service provides fully accurate directions past Detroit, Oregon. Follow the directions that came with your call or from Breitenbush’s web site.

Breitenbush Directions
Fir tree growing on stump on a sunny path near the Breitenbush cabins

Faerie Agreements with Breitenbush

Five blue plastic men in suits lined up, standing tall

Keep In Line

These prohibitions have come from the Breitenbush Community and Breitenbush management, because business reasons. This is why we have sanctuaries.

Full-on sex only in cabins and in the Love Lounge. Or where they can’t find you. Don’t have sex in the tubs, even oral sex. Staffers check the tubs 24/7.

No illegal drugs or any alcohol on the property

(details to follow)

Faerie History with Breitenbush

The radical faeries have been coming to Breitenbush since 1984 or so. Since then, twice a year (well twice a year since 1992), the Cascadia Radical Faeries have gathered at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Central Oregon. There’s been joy and outrage, hot tubs and dry humor, respect and horror, laughs and love.