Really Fun Destination for Faggot Sissies to Meet in the Old Growth — A Faerie Tradition Since 1982

Lots of details here, including info about faerie gatherings at Breitenbush and our history. Find out more about the low-key non-profit behind the gatherings, about our central Oregon location, and radical faeries in general.

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Queens Registrars, Ascendant, Past and Future

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    Our host for the past 30+ years is Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center.


    Radical Faeries

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    Queens Registrar Past and Future

    Queens Registrar Past & Future

    For 30+ years, our gatherings have happened because one or two faeries stepped forward to lead the work for each gathering, supported by many other volunteers. While the magick in our brew comes from the many, many spontaneous (and planned) outbreaks of voluptuous generosity sparked time and again by the new — and not so new — among us, the queen registrar, his helpers, and the Breitenbush Community, build and hold our cauldron.

    We’ve called our cauldron-holders “Queen Registrar” (QR), because much of their work is in writing and sending The Call, then handling the registration process. The QR also sets our theme and intention, works with the Breitenbush community, manages the finances, coordinates housing, recruits volunteers for many duties (high profile and low), and often endures no small amount of stress and momentary drama while making their gathering the unique experience it is.

    The only compensation any QR receives for the hundred-plus hours of work involved in making each gathering happen is our collective gratitude, love, and support, plus free attendance at his own gathering for himself and one guest (includes night before the gathering as well for preparation time).

    Our Queen(s) Registrar

    The queen(s) registrar of a  gathering are empowered and guided by our tradition and history to do what needs to be done to create and offer the gathering they envision.

    The queen(s) registrar of the next Gathering of Radical Faeries at Breitenbush Hot Springs is/are:

    2017 Summer #25 Passionflower

    Our Dowager Queens Registrar

    Former QRs (“the dowagers”) traditionally offer advice to the current queen(s) registrar. Some of it’s even useful. Over 35+ gatherings, certain things have been found to work better than others.The dowagers also collectively hold much of our community memory, and work together from time to time to ensure that our gatherings sustain and grow in meaningful ways. You might think of us as an advisory board, but we don’t. We just love this gathering and the community which has grown around it over 25+ years, and share the common experience of having done the work to bring at least one together.

    The following is as complete and accurate a list of our  queens registrar over the years as we have been able to assemble.

    1982 Winter #1 Moonsong
    1983 Winter #2 Moonsong
    1984 Winter #3 Moonsong
    1985 Winter #4 Moonsong
    1986 Winter #5 Moonsong
    1987 Winter #6 Gidget
    1988 Winter #7 Cyan
    1989 Winter #8 “Scarf Clan” Lalayh and Bubbling Banana (fnka BBHa!)
    1990 Winter #9 C. and S. Saturn
    1991 Winter #10 Moonsong
    1992 Winter #11 Sunlight
    1992 Summer #1 Elderberry
    1993 Winter #12 Riversong
    1994 Winter #13 Riversong
    1994 Summer #2 justplainBill (ffka RavOnSistrwomn)
    1995 Winter #14 Gina FalloffaBrigitta (ffka Lotta LittleBear) and Snowbear
    1995 Summer #3 Aaron T.
    1996 Winter #15 Loka Wolf and Lupin
    1996 Summer #4 Katie Eagle Singer
    1997 Winter #16 Lupin and Jacynth Astarin
    1997 Summer #5 Snowbear
    1998 Winter #17 Rosemary for Remembrance and Rainbowman
    1998 Summer #6 Peppermint
    1999 Winter #18 Elderberry (ffka Fonda Butts) and Swamp Lily
    1999 Summer #7 Strangé (that’s French you know …)
    2000 Winter #19 Voilá (ffka Banyan Crow) and Tag (ffka March and Shining Evening)
    2000 Summer #8 Snowbear
    2001 Winter #20 Uncle Markie
    2001 Summer #9 Whitewater
    2002 Winter #21 Stardust and Rosemary for Remembrance
    2002 Summer #10 Tag (ffka March and Shining Evening) and Voilá (ffka Banyan Crow)
    2003 Winter #22 Yusuf (ffka Damien)
    2003 Summer #11 Riversong and Snowbear
    2004 Winter #23 Aster Dancing Lightly
    2004 Summer #12 Full Circle
    2005 Winter #24 Dancing Bear
    2005 Summer #13 Periwinkle and Otter
    2006 Winter #25 Andre and Lambchop
    2006 Summer #14 Orlando and Nipplicious
    2007 Winter #26 Uncle Markie and Whitewater
    2007 Summer #15 Faun
    2008 Winter #27 Scruffy Rumbler and Brightheart of the Rockies
    2008 Summer #16 Marcus (ffka Sprout)
    2009 Winter #28 Rosemary for Remembrance
    2009 Summer #17 Dancing Bear and Fluffernutter
    2009 Winter #29 Aaron Phoenix and ScrubJay
    2010 Summer #18 Keystone (ffka Cupcake)
    2011 Winter #30 Morgain Lessloss
    2011 Summer #19 Uncle Markie and Dancing Bear
    2012 Winter #31 Aster Dancing Lightly and Lambchop
    2012 Summer #20 Robin Hood and Pansy Wyldfyre
    2013 Winter #32 Riversong and BrightHeart
    2013 Summer #21 Leo S. Sunshine and Sister Bhakti Shakti
    2014 Winter #33 Mark and Onyx
    2014 Summer #22 Acorn Godtree and Lupine
    2015 Winter #34 Dancing Bear and Lightning
    2015 Summer #23 Serpentine and Day
    2016 Winter #35 Passionflower
    2016 Summer #24 Cookie and Francis

    Our Queens Ascendant

    The following folks will serve as our Queens Registrar in the future. Consider adding your name to the list.

    2017 Summer #25 Passionflower
    2018 Winter #36 Auntie and Otter
    2018 Summer #26 Unclaimed
    2019 Winter #37 Unclaimed
    2019 Summer #27 Unclaimed
    2020 Winter #38 BrightHeart PureMountain
    2020 Summer #28 Unclaimed

    Anyone with requests, questions, comments, offers, or concerns about queens registrar in general — or particular — or about how any of us got ourselves into this situation, are encouraged to contact one or more of the dowagers (all those folk listed in the first list above) and ask, because they’ve been there and done that. There is no formal or rigid process to any of this, just a lot of love and a bit o’crazy, expressed many ways.

    Many dowagers comment on how serving as queen registrar changed their view of our gathering and its community. Working as queen registrar is a significant act of service, best undertaken by those who feel a deep, loving, and abiding connection with this community, coupled with a desire to do physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work on its behalf and for its benefit. If you have been to several of our gatherings, found yourself jumping in to help without being asked, and feel ready to give a hundred hours of your life to your community without pay, please talk about it with a dowager or two, and consider joining us.


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